After years of nursing—specializing in ER, trauma and as a surgical first assist in a private surgical center—Maureen formed the MDMC group to apply her technical skills and broad knowledge of complex medical procedures in environments requiring medical marketing expertise, sophisticated practice management, and effective market development techniques. Mayer has worked with numerous surgical, medical and behavioral health practices to improve their marketing, profitability, and office management protocols. She is particularly effective in working with new and existing practices to identify and market to new prospects, help gain visibility for practices, and install premier-level office and patient procedures to enhance the total patient experience. Mayer is also known for her technical expertise and ability to navigate the licensing and regulatory maze in establishing and/or upgrading complex medical practices, especially those with embedded surgical and/or treatment facilities.

Supplementing her practice management consulting expertise, Mayer also serves as a patient advocate, primarily in the behavioral health area of medicine, shepherding complex medical cases through an increasingly complex healthcare system. An assertive patient advocate (including for pro-bono clients), she insists on the highest standards of patient care at all stages of the treatment process. She is extremely effective in marshalling the necessary resources to assure the best care in even the most complex cases, effectively managing the myriad aspects of multiple specialties that can often be required in overseeing a single complex case. Her goal is to solve the patient’s problem(s) as quickly and completely as possible, while ensuring that the patient receives the highest possible standards of care. Mayer’s logistical skills have proven extremely effective in delivering the best available care, while tirelessly fighting for the appropriate insurance and healthcare provider benefits on behalf of her patients.

Mayer is also consulted by firms and practices seeking to introduce new medical products, surgical procedures, medical technology and innovative treatments for practices wishing to incorporate new skills/procedures or enter new geographic or demographic markets. In particular, she is known for her ability to target new markets and develop effective, efficient programs to identify and cultivate profitable new opportunities for medical-related procedures. Mayer is also a co-founder of NudgeRx, a medical technology company in the readmission avoidance space, and served as VP Clinical Services.

Prior to her “medical life” Mayer was the Creative Director for Fortuoff in New York and worked as a Production/Event coordinator for Warner Brothers, Warner Brothers TV, and The New York Cosmos, all as an employee of Warner Communications now known as Time Warner.

She has also volunteered for many outreach programs involving plastic and reconstructive surgery and general surgery including Doctors without Borders, The American Indian Foundation, and Project Cosmetique Plastique. She is also a board member and avid supporter of the Vail Jazz Foundation, an organization devoted to music, young people & music education and is a past board member of the California Jazz Foundation. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Maureen was recently a TEDMED Scholar in the Innovation Hive at the Medical Ted Talks in Washington DC. In her free time Maureen loves yoga, cycling, skiing, hiking, music, reading, movies, art, cooking & most of all traveling.